Introduction to Vaastu

Vaastu Shastra (literally, science of dwelling) is a traditional Indian (Hindu) system of architecture, the principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry. Vaastu Shastra is a part of Vedas. Today’s Vaastu Science or Vaastu Principles are all derived from this great Vaastu Shastra. Our great Rishis and Sages explored and studied the secrets of the Cosmos. They realized the deepest secrets and fundamentals of existence. They knew that all that is material is made of five basic elements or “panch-tattwas” of the universe. They elucidated their findings about the characteristics and impacts of Magnetic Fields, Gravitational Force, Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Cosmic Energies. These correspond to the panch tattwas or principles of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space (Ether). The geometric pattern and the spatial energies created in a Vaastu are called as the Vaastu Purusha Mandala. The Vaastu Purusha Mandala is a vibrant dynamic field of 45 energies. Param Shakti Healing uses the interdisciplinary sciences involved in Vaastu Shastra by taking advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields for enhanced wealth, health, prosperity and happiness. . . Read More

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Param Shakti Healing Vaastu services cover:

a) Geopathic Stress neutralization.
b) Multidirectional analysis.
c) Main door analysis.
d) Structural faults.
e) Cosmic flow of energies.
f) Five element balancing.
g) Vaastu programming.
h) Vaastu Remedies & Solutions.

Param Shakti Healing generally does Vaastu work in three stages as follows:

Param Shakti Healing personally visits your Vaastu and analyzes your Vaastu for main door direction, structural Vaastu defects, flow of energies, Geopathic Stress and activities performed in different locations. Discussion is held with you to inform the outcome of the Vaastu defects. Param Shakti Healing gives simple Vaastu solutions and tips that you can do by yourself. For major Vaastu dosha, we give Vaastu remedies and solutions.

Param Shakti Healing offers total Vaastu solutions for various types of problems. It is a comprehensive approach where all levels of Vaastu Healing are covered. Complete Vaastu Healing neutralizes major Vaastu dosha and boosts overall positivity of your Vaastu. It is not only for solving current problems but also intended for preventing future Vaastu related issues.

Param Shakti Healing offers an option of doing Vaastu remedies which are of critical nature related to your problems. The Critical Vaastu Healing done by us is the most essential and immediate Vaastu work that is required to be done for minimizing current problems. Relief from the problem and increased positivity is the goal. However, Complete Vaastu Healing is suggested to be done at the earliest later date.

Vaastu For Home/ Vaastu Residential

Param Shakti Healing strives to make your Vaastu positive and fruitful so that all family members feel happy, have harmonious relationships and progress well in their respective professions. A good Vaastu has direct positive effect on the residents for their health, harmony, progress and overall wellness. For all family members, a Home is a place where all want to be cheerful, peaceful, comfortable and secure. We cover many points in a Vaastu for Home in minute detail. During our consultancy service, we give you specific tips and solutions that you can implement by yourself which could make your Vaastu positive for you and your family. In addition to this, our Vaastu remedies and solutions are specific to your problem. . . Read More

Personal Visit At Your Vaastu By Param Shakti Healing:

Param Shakti Healing visits your Vaastu and scientifically analyses the same in detail. During the personal visit, we do the directional mapping of the Vaastu layout. The structural Vaastu defects like cuts, extensions and many other Vaastu related points are noted. The positivity of the main entrance and its directional energy is checked. Different activities done in various parts of the Vaastu are discussed. We suggest remedies that you could implement by yourself in your home or business premises. Major issues in your Vaastu, that require our Vaastu Healing remedies and solutions are also informed. We conduct Vaastu site visit for home, all type of business premises, plots, schools, hospitals. . . Read More

Vaastu Consultancy For Commercial / Business Premises

Param Shakti Healing has expertise in Vaastu for various types of Commercial premises. We do Vaastu for shops, offices, showrooms, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, clinics, factories and many more. Every commercial Vaastu is viewed by us with a different perspective, depending on the nature of business or profession based on different Vaastu principles. Starting from the main door direction and energies we check the entire Vaastu end-to-end for various dosha or defects, which may have connection with the problems faced by you. We give you report for certain changes that are needed to be done by yourself in your Vaastu for improvement. . . Read More

Geopathic Stress Free Vaastu

Param Shakti Healing uses a patented Aura Scanner and scientific remedies to neutralize the Geopathic stress. These radiations cut through the Vaastu or high rise towers. Geopathic Stress and other such radiations throw a strong negative aura in the Vaastu. These radiations and negative aura fields can trigger several problems for the residents in that Vaastu. Geopathic Stress has been found to be the common factor in most serious and long-term illnesses and psychological conditions. It is also one of major contributor to problems ranging from divorce, finances, legal matters, mental peace, disturbed relationships, learning disability to name a few. Dr. Ajay has been a Scientist and is a qualified Geo professional with an extensive experience in detecting and neutralizing Geopathic stress as well as other such negative radiations and points in a Vaastu. . . Read More

Vaastu selection

Param Shakti Healing uses an advanced and scientific method for property selection. We provide the Vaastu Selection services for home or office or Gala/ Shop or plot of land. Our services help you to select the most appropriate property from the different options that are available. However attractive a house or commercial property may look, it could have major Vaastu flaws. Our Vaastu Selection services guide you to avoid such defective or negative residential or commercial Vaastu which could otherwise lead to losses, ill health, broken relations, high stress or other such complicated problems. Param Shakti Healing provides this very crucial service. . . Read More

Vaastu For Land / Plots

Param Shakti Healing does Vaastu Consultancy for correcting Vaastu problems in an existing plot before construction as well as for selection of land/ plots before purchasing. We give recommendations and Vaastu remedies so that plot becomes positive. It is very important to have good positive piece of land. The reason being anything that is constructed on an improper or negative plot will also have a negative impact. A plot which is having cuts or extensions, a plot which is triangular and a plot which was earlier used as a crematory ground are some of the examples of negative plots. Param Shakti Healing gives report and suggests remedies for your plot. . . Read More

Renovation Vaastu

Param Shakti Healing can be of crucial help in the renovation of your premises as per Vaastu principles. We do Renovation Vaastu to guide you on various points related to your proposed changes so that you may not face major Vaastu issues after the renovation is done. Our suggestions are dependent on which room or part of Vaastu you are renovating. If you are doing an entire Vaastu renovation then we work out the details accordingly. Every important detail is covered by us in renovation Vaastu. The renovation Vaastu work done by us is for both, home as well as for any type of business place. Consult us before you spend your hard earned money on renovating your home or business place for a positive Vaastu. . . Read More

Interior Designing Vaastu

Param Shakti Healing gives expert advice on Interior designing based on Vaastu principles. Interior Designing is time consuming process. One does interior designing, so that your home or business place looks beautiful and feels soothing and refreshing. It also includes creating spaces and enhancing utilization of area. Param Shakti Healing if involved at this designing stage can blend the interior designing along with Vaastu Principles so that the Vaastu becomes positive. We do Interior Designing Vaastu for home and business. In both the cases, we keep the Vaastu principles in focus depending on the type of Vaastu. . . Read More

Underconstruction Vaastu Or Vaastu Consultancy At Layout Designing Stage

Param Shakti Healing does Vaastu consultancy for new under construction sites or Vaastu which is at a design layout stage. This consultancy is useful for both, the end user, which is the buyer and also to builders and Infrastructure developers to design and plan a Vaastu compliant property. The layout can be worked out as per Vaastu Shastra. For home, the correct location and layout for Living room, kitchen, bedroom placements, pooja, toilet, study room and other areas are covered. Similarly, for a business place, many important areas or sections can be designed as per Vaastu like owners sitting place, admin, finance or product display direction, entrance, reception area to name a few. For a large complex the different buildings or structures placement, main entry gate, underground water storage, Generator location, recreational zone, swimming pool and several other points are covered. . . Read More

Vaastu For Career

Param Shakti Healing does Vaastu for enhancing your career. Broadly speaking, career comprises job or business or any profession which one pursues for earning and growth prospects. Vaastu defects may adversely affect the career. There are some zones in your Vaastu which are positive for career. Similarly there are zones in the Vaastu which cause losses, instability and broken career. If one sits or sleeps or works in an improper zone then it is bad for career. For business related career, our Vaastu services cover shops or offices to large business establishments. For careers for professionals, like Doctors or Chartered Accountants we use specific Vaastu approach to make the Vaastu positive. Param Shakti Healing does Vaastu healing by their remedies. . . Read More

Vaastu For Health

Param Shakti Healing has the expertise of finding and correcting the defective zones in your Vaastu which affect the health. Overall wellness is another word for good health. Vaastu dosha or defects have been researched to trigger different type of diseases or ill health. A Vaastu dosha in a particular zone of the Vaastu may cause certain type of health issues. Other Vaastu flaws, like improper direction of the Main door of your Vaastu could also have impact on health. Geopathic Stress has been found to be one of important factor for disease or ill health. Param Shakti Healing has remedies intended to neutralize the negative radiations and correct the Vaastu defects for taking care of your health. . . Read More

Vaastu consultancy by email

Param Shakti Healing does an on-site visit to your Vaastu wherever it might be in India or overseas. A personal visit by us, for Vaastu is the most recommended way. However, you may use our Vaastu Consultancy services by email if you wish.

For this it is necessary for you to send a “to-scale” layout plan, in AutoCAD format by email. The North direction should be marked accurately in the plan. The different rooms should be clearly marked with the sleeping position of family members, placement of furniture, toilet location, kitchen with stove position, windows etc. For business Vaastu the AutoCAD plan with all relevant details shall be required. You shall have to furnish any other Vaastu related details that we ask for.

On receiving your layout plan and details, we analyse the same. A report is submitted by email with suggested remedies and solutions.

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