Vaastu Selection Before You Purchase / Rent Property

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Param Shakti Healing provides you the services of selecting a Vaastu. Whatever be the nature of your property, be it a home for yourself or office or Gala/ Shop or plot of land, we give our services to help you select the most appropriate one from the different options that maybe available. However attractive a house or commercial property may look, it could have major Vaastu flaws.

Every one desires for a good residential Vaastu, which shall bring good health, peace and prosperity to all family members. If you are planning to buy or rent a property for commercial or business purpose, naturally your aim is to make profits and good business through the proposed property. Our Vaastu Selection services guide you to avoid a defective or negative residential or commercial Vaastu which could otherwise lead to losses or ill health or broken relations or high stress or other such complicated problems.

Param Shakti Healing analyses your proposed residential or commercial Vaastu. If the Vaastu dosha are not major ones and are possible to be corrected then we inform you of the Vaastu corrections and/ or remedies that may required to be done for that Vaastu. Such a Vaastu may be considered by you for purchase or renting (provided all suggested remedies are done by you from us in that Vaastu). In case there are major Vaastu defects or where no Vaastu remedies are possible, we advise you to consider other Vaastu options.

For achievement of your desired goal of a good Vaastu, it would be a wise and necessary decision to check and confirm that the particular Vaastu complies with the Vaastu principles mentioned above. However, in our advanced method of Vaastu selection we also check if the proposed Vaastu is welcoming you or not, before you buy or take it on rent. Param Shakti Healing provides this very crucial service. We use advanced and unique method for property selection.

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