Aura Based Vaastu Selection

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Param Shakti Healing does a unique on-site Aura based test to find out whether your proposed Vaastu is compatible with your Aura energy. Out of the various property options, your Aura shows which Vaastu is the most compatible for you.

Typically Vaastu selection is based on the principles of Vaastu Shastra. In this approach several points in the Vaastu are evaluated and Vaastu is approved or rejected. However, Param Shakti Healing goes one step further. Not only the Vaastu is evaluated as per Vaastu Shastra, but more importantly the compatibility of the Vaastu and your energies is checked. Did you know that your Aura energy can determine which Vaastu is suitable for you? This is our area of expertise. We find the computability of your Aura energy with the proposed Vaastu. This compatibility is crucial for maximizing the advantage for you when buying or renting a property.

An example is a case that we took in a high rise tower in Mumbai. There were different series of flats in the towers. As a primary step we studied four series of flats as per Vaastu Shastra principles and informed our client which one series was most appropriate in terms of Vaastu Shastra. Then our Vaastu Selection test was done using client’s Aura. In the same series, i.e. flats above each other, which are exactly the same, we did this test for three different levels. We tested the compatibility of the client on the 24th, 25th and 26th floor. 24th was rejected in the test. 26th showed average compatibility. The 25th floor showed maximum compatibility. This meant that the energies of the Vaastu of the 25th floor and the client were positive for each other. Client booked the flat on 25th floor.

Our unique Vaastu Selection test using your Aura could go a long way for good relations, finance, health and happiness of your family.

It is interesting to note, that if you are intending to buy a property as an investment (and not for personal use), we help you to find out with our unique method in whose name the property should be purchased. For example, a particular property which is unwelcoming to the husband by our Aura test may be compatible with his wife. In this case, the property has to be purchased on the wife’s name. Use this unique method and be safe on your property investments!

Buying a property is a thoughtful investment. Check its suitability before buying! You should always select positive and beneficial Vaastu, be it home or commercial space. Param Shakti Healing’s Vaastu Selection Aura based test will be a great help for the same.

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