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Param Shakti Healing strives to make your Vaastu positive and fruitful so that all family members feel happy, have harmonious relationships and progress well in their respective professions. A good Vaastu has direct positive effect on the residents for their health, harmony, progress and overall wellness. For all family members, a Home is a place where all want to be cheerful, peaceful, comfortable and secure.

Our Home Vaastu covers:
  • Vaastu for Row House
  • Vaastu for Flat
  • Vaastu for Villa
  • Vaastu for Bungalow
  • Vaastu for Penthouse
  • Vaastu for Apartment
  • Vaastu for Condominium or Condos
  • Vaastu for Studio flat
  • Vaastu for Combined Flats

Our Vaastu services cover Geopathic Stress, cosmic flow of energy, structural defects, activities in various zones and their synchronization with the 45 energies of a Vaastu as well as Vaastu programming. We consider several points in your Home Vaastu in detail. Most of the times a structural change or demolition is not required for Vaastu Dosha or Vaastu defect, as we have appropriate Vaastu remedies to overcome or neutralize the problem. Sometimes even a minor change in your Vaastu could bring about a major positive effect for you and your family. We find such small flaws or defects and have the required remedies or solutions to resolve the problem.

Param Shakti Healing covers many points in a Home Vaastu / Vaastu for House:

Direction of Main Door / Entrance. This has a major impact on the Vaastu residents. If it is auspicious then it could bring success, prosperity and good health. However, if it is a negative entrance it could invite various types of troubles depending on which direction the Main Door is located.

Location of the Kitchen and placement of Cooking Stove. The direction faced by the person who cooks, is also of importance in a Residential Vaastu. Proper location of kitchen leads to good health, energy and positivity of the persons dwelling in that Vaastu.

Living Room of a home is a place which is the most used by all family members. Many a times it includes the dining space on one side. The Living Room is a place where lively family discussions, healthy interactions, watching TV or entertaining guests or social relationships happen. Correct location of the Living room and correct placement of several things in the living room are crucial for a good vibrant Vaastu.

The location of toilets is important, as a wrongly placed toilet can cause ill health, loss in studies and draining of wealth.

Bedrooms are relaxing spaces in a Home Vaastu. However, which bedroom should be used by the children, parents, aged people and guests is an important point to be considered in Vaastu. The placement of furniture like bed, wardrobe, dressing table and study table is of importance in Vaastu.

Any cuts, extensions, or irregular shapes in the Vaastu could lead to different problems and varying intensity depending on the direction and area of the cut or extension.

Five elements balancing or “Panch Tattwa” balancing in a Vaastu is important. This is majorly done using appropriate colours to the walls and even the laminates used in the furniture.

Pooja Room or Pooja Place or Altar is an important place for religious and spiritual practices. A good location and positive energy in a Pooja place can bring tranquillity and peace to the residents. However if Pooja place is in a negative zone or direction or if there is a high negative energy where the Pooja is placed then it could lead to quarrels and an agitated mind.

The entire flow of Vaastu energy needs to be taken in to consideration which also relates to the slopes and levels in the Vaastu.

Placement of electric and electronic appliances, furniture like sofa, dining, cabinets, shoe racks, book shelf, showcase, TV units, crockery cabinet, lofts, etc. are checked in our Vaastu visit. They should be as placed as per Vaastu Shastra to bring best result.

In Bungalows or row houses an internal staircase is used. Placement of the staircase and its construction design is an important point that we consider in our Home Vaastu. We have remedies for wrong staircases.

Correct placement for plants and certain type of plants in a particular zone can bring soothing and positive energies.

Poster, Paintings & Idols or other home décor items could have a negative impact if placed in wrong area or if the energy of the objects is not good.

The immediate area outside or surrounding your Vaastu also plays an important role. It may need Vaastu Healing or remedies from that part of the Vaastu which is facing the external negative energies. For example it could be a high radiation Mobile tower across your bedroom window.

In addition to the above, Param Shakti Healing covers many points during our Home Vaastu or Residential Vaastu Consultancy like False ceiling and beam positions, air conditioners, attic or basements, main gate, servant quarters, security cabin, swimming pool, home bar, home gym, overhead water tanks, underground water storage, septic tanks and drainage, Study area, Home office or work area, lighting arrangements, interior designing Vaastu (give hyperlink), pets etc.
Param Shakti Healing strives for an “Auspicious Vaastu” where you and all your family members lead a healthy, happy, progressive life with good relations.

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