Vaastu Consultancy
For Commercial / Business Premises

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Param Shakti Healing has expertise in Vaastu for various types of Commercial premises. Our Vaastu services have made commercial establishments positive with significant improvements. A defective or negative commercial Vaastu could lead to losses and closure. You may have observed in your surroundings that some businesses are started with great enthusiasm, but are shut down within few months. Negative Vaastu is one of the major reasons for this. We use our Vaastu remedies and solutions for correcting the Vaastu dosha and making it positive.

We do Vaastu for following Commercial /Business premises:

  • Vaastu for Shops
  • Vaastu for Commercial Complex
  • Vaastu for Factories
  • Vaastu for Office
  • Vaastu for Hospital
  • Vaastu for Banks
  • Vaastu for Hostel
  • Vaastu for Hotels
  • Vaastu for Schools & Colleges
  • Vaastu for Restaurants
  • Vaastu for Show Rooms
  • Vaastu for Warehouse
  • Vaastu for Gala
  • Vaastu for Clinics
  • Vaastu for Professional Offices

For small business premises like shops or gala, Param Shakti Healing does an on-site Vaastu visit. After analyzing the Vaastu, we give solutions that you need to do by yourself.  Most of the times these are easy to do changes, which can bring significant positive results. Our Vaastu remedies are suggested.

Every commercial Vaastu is viewed by us, with a different perspective, depending on the nature of business or profession. For example, the Vaastu solutions for a Chartered Account and for a Doctor require a different approach. Likewise, a factory manufacturing pharmaceutical products and one involved in engineering works require a different approach of Vaastu.

We analyze the Vaastu of your business premises or shop including the main door direction and other details like sitting positions of the shop owner or Doctor or Chartered Account or manager.  
Depending on the size and complexity of business, Param Shakti Healing generally does the following for large business establishment:

1.  We do detailed Vaastu analysis of your business premises by on-site visits.

2. This is followed by meeting with the concerned management heads on understanding the nature of business.

3. The location of cabins and sitting positions of Directors, MD or CEO are noted.

4. The location and sitting positions of different functional heads is also noted (like GM, Managers etc.)

5. The different departments like finance, purchase, sales, marketing, production, warehouse, product display counters etc. and their respective locations and directions in the Vaastu are analyzed.

6.  Vaastu related issues are identified in your business premises.

7. Meeting with owners or top management is held. The Vaastu findings are explained. Suggestions like relocation of various sections and re-arrangements of certain furniture or factory machinery, sitting directions etc. are given. Additionally several valuable tips which are to be implemented by you are informed for correcting the Vaastu Dosha in your business place.

8.  Vaastu healing is then done by Param Shakti Healing using their remedies and solutions, including neutralization of negative radiations (Geopathic Stress).

9. A report is submitted covering the above.

Param Shakti Healing does the Vaastu Consultancy and Vaastu Healing with remedies for all types of commercial premises.

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