The Great Avadhoot
Bhagwan Sri Nityananda Of Ganeshpuri

It is said that it is difficult to explain the qualities of a true Guru but it is impossible to comprehend and describe the state of an Avadhoot. It is beyond compare, beyond the comprehension of the mind, beyond Brahma, beyond the Sri Dattareya state. An Avadhoot is guru of all gurus, a complete Siddha, complete param mukta, one who can create and control universes and is omnipresent and omniscient. For a common devotee like me it is best not to say anything further on the state of an Avadhoot. In these modern times, we are all blessed that a great incomparable Avadhoot is amongst us – Bhagwan Sri Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, near Mumbai. Even though, Bhagwan Nityananda left his physical form on 8th August 1961, HE is still fully present in whatever form he deems fit, for the true devotee at all times.

Bhagwan Nityananda, lovingly and simply called as Baba, is the epitome of sublimity itself. No formal teachings or lecture series are available, for there are none - he never ever taught or preached. Being a divine manifestation in bodily form, things just happened around him. Many persons have seen and experienced miracles of Bhagwan Nityananda. Several books have been made available by different authors, giving glimpses of Bhagwan’s life. However, none of the books can be complete, as one cannot contain and compile the greatness of an Avadhoot in few pages.

The reason to write this page was to reach all spiritually thirsty souls and also persons who are troubled in karmic grind of life, that those who meditate on Bhagwan Nityananda with pure heart shall be blessed for sure. All who feel drawn to the spiritual energies should visit Ganeshpuri, where Bhagwan Nityananda stayed till his last days and took Samadhi. Ganeshpuri is an ancient land of Siddhas and Great Rishis. To walk, stay, pray and meditate there is sheer heavenly experience. The hot water spring next to Bhagwan Nityananda Samadhi Mandir is comparable to magic potion. When one takes bath in the Kunda (Hot water spring) at Brahma-Muhurta (around 3.30-4.00 am), one can feel a surge of Shakti. Many diseases have been cured or health problems reduced, by taking bath followed by darshan of Baba and Kakad Aarti.

Decent accommodation is available by the trust. Annapurna Canteen serves decent food. Morning time (after 11 am) one can also take spiritualized food - Mahaprasad in form of Bhandara (free meal - annadan) at the BalBhojan Hall.

Shaktipat or Transmission of Supreme Shakti as “initiation”, in which the Kundalini Shakti is aroused, has taken place in many different ways to innumerable persons when Baba was in physical body. There was no formal initiation. Shaktipat happened just by Baba’s presence, his simple gaze or even to those staying away, just by Baba’s grace. Even after Baba left his physical body, Shaktipat experiences have continued world over to innumerable persons. Time and place do not matter. Being in silence and complete “sharnagati” (i.e total surrender) to Baba, is enough for His grace to come through. I pray and urge all who seek spiritual enlightenment to seek Bhagwan Nityananda’s blessings, irrespective of whom you are following as a Guru or which yogic path you are following. Your spiritual path will get enhanced and multi-fold spiritual experiences will unfold, only to bring you nearer to your own Sadguru. Following Baba is not deviation from your current path of sadhana. It is multiplication of spiritual energies and expansion of consciousness to the extent that you shall see your own Sadguru in clearer perspective and with immense devotion than earlier.

For more than two decades I was in search of an exemplar disciple of Bhagwan Nityananda who is living in his bodily form and who could be my guide and mentor. Finally, with Baba’s grace I landed at the lotus feet of Sri Vijayananda Swamiji of Anand Ashram, Bevinkoppa near Belagavi. My joy knows no bounds when I think of Swamiji. I know for sure that Swamiji is a Siddha. I am so much overwhelmed by Swamiji’s presence that my heart lights up with intense spiritual vibrations. He leads a life at once simple and dynamic. Humbleness and simplicity are his hall marks. For the Sadhak, things just happen in Swamiji’s presence. In my experience of sadhana during my stay at the Ashram, I observed that Swamiji does not talk about one’s sadhana or spiritual experiences. However, sometimes he makes such a sudden but casual comment, that at that moment one realizes that he knows all about how and what you are doing in sadhana! Careful attention to his talk reveals that there is some definite message or instruction hidden in it for the sadhak. Swamiji’s oneness with Baba is so intense, that many a times, when present with Swamiji, I have felt that I am in presence of actually Baba himself!

There is no restriction or protocol for meeting him. Anyone can easily get access to Swami Vijayanandaji’s divine presence. He gives special emphasis on education. In the evenings, stream of devotees from various places come to meet Swami Vijayanandaji. He welcomes all, gives equal attention and guidance. He does this so lovingly and patiently! There is no discrimination between rich or poor, influential or simple, young or old or cast or creed. Foreigners also come regularly to the Ashram, with a single-minded aim of doing serious sadhana.

For the devotees of Sri Paramhansa Yogananda, it would be interesting to know that Swamiji’s simplicity, nature, height, his energetic walking often remind me, of Sri Yukteshwar Giriji, as described in the “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Sri Paramhansa Yogananda.

Meditation in the the “gufa” or cave at Anand Ashram at Bevinkoppa can give some of the most uplifting and intense spiritual experiences. Unlike some ashrams where one can spend time in multifarious activities, here at Anand Ashram, it’s all about being absorbed in your inner self. Only serious spiritual sadhaks will find it worth visiting. It’s a small ashram in size but gigantic in terms of spiritual realizations. There is nothing to “see” or “like” in the ashram, accept seeing “within yourself” and liking “the silence and solitude”.

My spiritual life has been blessed by Sri Paramhansa Yogananda the greatest “Prem-Avatar” and Bhagwan Sri Nityananda “Master of all Masters”! I bow to them again and again. If in this page I have not been able to convey the magnitude of Baba and Sri Paramhansa Yogananda or overlooked some important points then it’s entirely my fault and I ask forgiveness from the sincere reader and Baba.

If you are interested in knowing more or want guidance on visiting various places connected to Baba or meeting Swami Vijayanandaji, then I shall be glad to assist. You may send an email or call me.

]]Om Namo Bhagwate Nityanadaya[[