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Param Shakti Healing can have a crucial role in the renovation of your premises as per Vaastu principles. Renovation of your home or business place is an opportunity to do things as per Vaastu Shastra. Our suggestions are dependent on which room or part of Vaastu you are renovating. If you are doing an entire Vaastu renovation then we work out the details accordingly. Every important detail is covered by us in renovation Vaastu. Our report also includes pancha tattwa (five element) balancing by suggesting appropriate colours for different walls of your Vaastu.

The entire renovation plan of your Vaastu is reviewed by us from Vaastu point of view. Detailing is done based on what renovation you have planned.  Renovation Vaastu is important when you want to do breakages and reconstruct your internal Vaastu either for home or business.

For example, for increasing the area of the living room the adjoining balcony is sometimes taken inside the living room by breakage and reconstruction. In some other cases the kitchen relocated to different place or cooking platform position is changed. In bungalows people construct additional rooms attached to the existing structure. Some clients merge two side by side flats into one common Vaastu. However, after doing such renovations the directions and energies of the Vaastu totally change. This could result in various problems like financial loss, illness, strained relationships, problems in business or career or education and others. Param Shakti Healing does Renovation Vaastu to guide you on various points related to your proposed changes so that such problems are minimized or avoided after the renovation is done.

In our Vaastu consultancy for renovation, we also cover enhancing your main door and colour combinations of walls in the rooms.  Param Shakti Healing also gives suggestions on placement of furniture as per Vaastu. If Kitchen is being renovated, our consultancy covers the placement of platforms for kitchen, the material used, colour, stove position, sink position and placement of other kitchen appliances.  Similarly, renovation is the right time to relocate your toilet kamod to the Vaastu compliant zone. During our renovation Vaastu consultancy, if required, Param Shakti Healing coordinates with your civil or other contractors.

Consult Param Shakti Healing before you spend your hard earned money on your Vaastu renovations to get proper advice and remedies from us.

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