Pranic Chakra Balancing

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Param Shakti Healing finds the Pranic Chakra status in your body by a unique Aura based method, where a patented Aura Scanner is used. This status of your pranic chakra gives valuable information related to your current physical and mental health. This information helps us in deciding healing methods for you.

Indian Vedic Science states that the health is primarily governed by subtle energy centres called as Pranic Chakras, located in the central energy channel within the spinal column called asthe “Sushmna nadi”. There are Seven major pranic chakras located in the central Sushmna Nadi. Starting from the base of the spine (Muladhara Chakra) the Sushmna Nadi goes right up to the point between the eyebrows (Ajna Chakra) and form there is connected to the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra in the top centre of the head. The Pranic Chakras may be compared as receivers and distributors of “Life Force” or “Prana Shakti” which sustains life. Each energy centre or pranic chakra governs and controls certain organs, bio system and glands. (Please see chart below). There are other chakras or bioenergy centres in addition to the seven main chakras. These other chakras are located either in the spine or at strategic places in the body.

The chakras work at three fold level: Physical, Emotional and the Psyche. For overall wellness all the seven Chakras have to work optimally and in harmony with remaining Chakras.

When any of the Chakras is disturbed or over energized (becomes hyper) or is depleted in energy, it leads to manifestation of some disease or illness in the body. These Chakras are subtly interlinked amongst themselves. Therefore, one disturbed Chakra can affect the performance of some other Chakra. This indicates imbalance of the pranic energy. In such a case, the Chakra balancing is of importance for overall wellness. Our Pranic Chakra test gives clarity as to which Chakras are over stressed or low and thereby which organs could be possibly be affected.


Chakra No. Vedic Chakra Name Western name Location Functionality & Relation to body anatomy
1 Muladhara Root Base of Spine Structural base for the body, learning capability, external sex organs, legs, feet, bone structure and joints, Adrenal Gland.
2 Swadhisthana Sacral Opposite the sex organs Ovaries, testicles, Uterus, genitals, kidney, bladder, fluids of the body including blood, Gonads.
3 Manipura Navel Solar Plexus Digestive system, stomach, gall bladder, intestine, liver, Pancreas.
4 Anahata Heart Near Heart Heart, lungs, lymph and immune system, blood pressure, blood circulation, Thymus.
5 Vishuddha Throat Back of neck Throat, neck, para-thyroid, ears, sinuses, respiratory system, Thyroid Gland.
6 Ajna Third Eye Between eyebrows Endocrine system, nervous system, hypothalamus, eyes, Pituitary gland.
7 Sahasrara Crown Top centre of head Metabolism, genes, DNA, RNA, central nervous system, head, brain, upper part of spine, Pineal gland.

Param Shakti Healing suggests appropriate natural crystals and essential oils as a basic method for regulating and balancing the chakras. The selection of crystal and oil is also done using your Aura and the scanner. Additionally the information on your Chakras helps us to decide the Vibrational Healing Therapy for you.

Param Shakti Healing performs simple and accurate check to find out the status of these Chakras, based on your Aura.  We then provide remedies and consultancy to regularize and balance the functioning of the disturbed chakras in your body. On balancing and regularizing the chakra performance, one starts getting relief from the health problem.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

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