About Param Shakti Healing

Param Shakti Healing was founded by Dr. Ajay Ashtekar PhD in 2009. Param Shakti Healing uses combination of different Scientific and Vedic techniques aimed at resolving the multi-fold problems faced by many. By neutralizing harmful Geopathic Stress, correcting planetary deficits and balancing the pranic chakras, Param Shakti Healing attempts to resolve the most pressing problems related to Body, Mind and Vaastu.

Param Shakti Healing evaluates various aspects for a particular problem faced by a person. For individual issues our analysis is based on the person’s AURA.  The Aura emitted by a person is unique. We use a patented Universal Aura Scanner (UAS) for energy mapping of a person. This gives information about the planetary deficits, pranic chakra imbalance and other negative energies. Remedies are accordingly given. We also use the UAS for Vaastu to find and neutralize negative energies like Geopathic Stress. In addition, we use other advanced scientific methods for correcting various types of Vaastu defects (dosha).

Param Shakti Healing uses two unique astrological methods for horoscope reading and predictions. These methods are quite different from the conventional methods used prevalently in India. Based on the horoscope analysis, appropriate and balanced solutions are offered to resolve the issues at hand.

As our name suggests our motto is to heal various types of “wounds or hurts”, be it in the body, mind or Vaastu. In giving remedies we keep in mind a comprehensive approach. Only astrology and related solutions may not be sufficient. Likewise, only Vaastu remedies may not be sufficient for resolving problems. Our lives are always influenced by inner forces like planetary energy deficits and Pranic Chakra imbalance. We are also influenced by external factors like Vaastu defects and Geopathic Stress. Param Shakti Healing takes into consideration all these aspects to give a proper remedial strategy so as to solve your problem. Every problem has a specific solution.

Param Shakti Healing also offers Aroma Therapy or Essential Oil (EO) Therapy for various personal problems including health issues.  Specific EO blends (formulations) are prepared based on the health issue and the pranic chakra deficits of a person. These oils are for external use only. Param Shakti Healing does not give or does not offer any medicines or ayurvedic formulations that have to be taken internally.

In our website, our intention and focus has been to list various services that we offer to resolve personal issues or Vaastu related problems. We have not provided any explanatory notes on the topics. It is possible that you may have already visited some other websites and read lot of information. You may have as well tried “free” horoscope predictions or “free” tips on Vaastu. Well, we do not offer such things. Trying something on your own, by just reading an article or seeing a video on the internet could prove to be risky. What we offer are professional personalized services. Confidentiality of clients is given due importance.

Param Shakti Healing has a long list of success stories of different sorts and in various cities. We have successfully addressed issues pertaining to business, finance, marriage, child birth, divorce, depression, health issues, education, career, property, etc. Many a times we have tackled complex and multiple problems in a family or business.

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Our endeavor is to make you and/ or your Vaastu Positive.
Our remedies for personal issues and Vaastu dosha may work to large extent
Nothing is automatic and instant.
Your positive approach, determination, persistent efforts and good karma are a must.
We can only render healing therapies - it is the almighty "HE" & your "INNER SELF" who heal.
There are no miracles - its science.

We can only aid and assist - rest is up to you!