Healing for Good Health

Introduction To "Healing For Good Health" :

Param Shakti Healing’s philosophy and methods are based on Indian Vedic Science. Using the knowledge bestowed by our ancient seers and blending with the modern technology of today, Param Shakti Healing brings unique solutions, healing and remedies for various health issues. Hindu ancient system of health is based on the comprehensive approach of overall wellness comprising of the body, mind and soul. The restructuring for cure starts at the energy level and then manifests itself in the physical form. Everything is vibrating at a particular frequency. If the disturbed vibrations of the body, which have manifested as disease, are corrected or balanced or tuned, then in turn the disease also will subside as the energy stands corrected. Dr. Ajay is a doctorate in Alternate Medicines and also has been a Scientist in the field of Biotechnology and Microbiology, with total experience spanning more than thirty years. . . . Read More

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