Geopathic Stress Free Vaastu

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Param Shakti Healing uses a patented Aura Scanner and scientific remedies to neutralize the Geopathic stress in your Vaastu, thereby making it positive.

The natural earth frequency is 7.83 Hz also called a Schumann Resonance. Due to mineral, metal ores and water below the crust of the earth, this frequency sometimes gets disturbed and high frequency waves are generated called as Geopathic Stress lines. The frequency of these radiations can be as high as 250 Hz in some cases. These radiations cut through the Vaastu or high rise towers. These Geopathic Stress lines could form a grid in your Vaastu. This may create strong negative nodal points at the point of interception of two Geopathic Stress lines. Geopathic Stress and other such radiations throw a negative aura in the Vaastu sometimes covering up to 5 meters radius. These radiations and negative aura fields are harmful and can cause several problems for the residents in that Vaastu.

Geopathic Stress has been found to be the common factor in most serious and long-term illnesses and psychological conditions. A Vaastu which has high Geopathic stress can lead to several problems like:

  • Premature Death
  • Frequent Fights in the Family
  • Cot Deaths
  • Deadly Diseases like cancer, coma etc.
  • Chronic illness
  • Cancer
  • Insomnia
  • hyperactivity in children,
  • Learning disabilities
  • Continuous loss in Business
  • Accidents
  • Poor workmanship or performance by employee.
  • Hostile staff relations
  • Difficulty selling a property
  • Martial Disharmony
  • Infertility
  • and many other serious problems.

Neutralizing Geopathic Stress is one of the most recommended solution either for minimizing the existing problems given above or as preventive approach to keep the above problems away for your entire family or business.  

Dr. Ajay, a Scientist and Geo-professional has an extensive experience in detecting and neutralizing Geopathic stress as well as other such negative radiations and points in a Vaastu. Any Vaastu solution primarily requires it to be free of Geopathic Stress. Usually no Vaastu is naturally completely free of Geopathic stress and other negative radiations. It has to be cured for making it Geopathic Stress free.  

Param Shakti Healing has long a track record of doing work on Geopathic stress and it has helped several clients for problems like marriage, ill health, finances, legal matters, mental peace, relationships to name a few.

Please note that Geopathic Stress lines or fields can shift slightly or new lines open due to strong seismic activity or major changes in the flow of water beds below the earth’s crust. Therefore, we suggest that you get your Vaastu checked from us for Geopathic Stress once a year or after any strong seismic shock. If it is detected during our visit, we suggest that it be immediately neutralized.

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