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Param Shakti Healing’s finance guidance gives you valuable insight into your current financial situation, the reasons for same and the remedies for betterment. Unlike many other astrologers who check for certain planets, houses or charts, we take into consideration nadi coordinates and certain other planetary aspects which influence your current and future financial situations.

Money takes the centre stage of our lives. It is the basic means to satisfy material needs, luxuries and to take care of sudden turn of events like health problems. Nadi Coordinate astrology is capable of predicting your financial aspects. We inform you the timing of the worse periods where you need to take maximum care. Solutions and remedies for overcoming those periods are suggested. If currently you are facing financial crisis, we shall guide you and recommend what is to be done for improving your finances.

Specific issues and questions that may arise in your life related to finance are:

  1. Loss in your business.
  2. Loss of your job or insecurity.
  3. Finance is good but your money is drained.
  4. Your finances are stuck in market.
  5. Your debts are increasing.
  6. Stagnancy in your career: No growth and no profit.
  7. You have issues in partnership leading to financial crisis.
  8. Whether you should invest in property for gains?
  9. Whether you stand to gain or lose in legacy.
  10. Chances of your back stabbing in business and loss.
  11. Whether you should quit business and do job or vice-versa.
  12. What are your chances of going into bad loans and litigation?

Param Shakti Healing guidance on finance based on your horoscope has helped many individuals and businesses to come out of crisis. Safeguard and strengthen an important aspect of your life – “Finance”, by consulting us now. Our motto is to give you workable solutions and remedies and not just predictions.

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