Aura Matched Gemstones & Crystals

Introduction To Aura Based Testing:

The is a long sequence of commands (genes and interspacing genetic strands) in the form of an ultra thin thread which is super coiled in the nucleus of each and every cell of the body. is unique to each person. No two persons are alike. Therefore, any test done using Aura is specific to that person. The acts like a receiver, transmitter and energy monitoring centre of the person. Subtle energies so generated are emitted as Aura (also called as bio-energy or electromagnetic energy field) of the body. Therefore, a person’s and Aura are very closely inter-related. The Aura scanner understands matter and energy only in terms of Aura. Many useful tests are done by Param Shakti Healing using the Aura Scanner like gemstone selection, pranic chakra Balancing, Aura Enhancement , Marriage Match, Vaastu selection, Business Partnership Compatibility. . . . Read More

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Aura Based Auspicious Gemstone Selection

Param Shakti Healing recommends gemstones by an accurate and most advanced scientific way using a patented Aura Scanner. The scanner is used to determine the planetary deficits or identify the planets which are causing disturbance in your personal life. The scanner is accurate as it uses your unique Aura to find the planets which are troubling you or whose lack of energy is not giving desired results. In our method, there is NO need for any horoscope to check your planetary requirements. Even those persons who do not have a horoscope or who do not know complete details of their birth can avail of this most amazing and advanced technique. The Aura matched gemstones neutralize malefic effects of bad planets and also boosts the energies of a planet whose energy is lacking in you. . . Read More

Aura Enhancement

Param Shakti Healing can boost your career, relations and health by enhancing your Aura. We first find the strength of your AURA and then give remedies to make your AURA positive and strong. Aura is the bio-magnetic energy field that a person emits. This electromagnetic field of the body, called as Aura which plays important role in one’s life. Param Shakti Healing does this test by using scientific instrument Aura Scanner. A positive and strong Aura is necessary for an overall happy, successful and healthy life. Your relationships, success, progress and health are interlinked with your Aura . . . Read More

Pranic Chakra Balancing

Param Shakti Healing finds the Pranic Chakra status in your body by a unique Aura based method, where a patented Aura Scanner is used. The chakras work at three fold level: Physical, Emotional and the Psyche. For overall wellness all the seven Chakras have to work optimally and in harmony with remaining Chakras. The Pranic Chakras may be compared as receivers and distributors of “Life Force” or “Prana Shakti” which sustains life. When any of the Chakras is disturbed or over energized (becomes hyper) or is depleted in energy, it leads to manifestation of some disease or illness in the body. Param Shakti Healing performs simple and accurate check by the Aura Scanner and provides remedies and consultation to regularize and balance the functioning of the disturbed chakras in your body. . . Read More

Healing Cards

Param Shakti Healing has a simple and effective solution for rendering positivity and support through the Healing Cards. The human body, governed by seven pranic chakras is interlinked with these seven colours. Nature abounds with myriad of geometric patterns and colours. The various types of flowers as we know have distinct colours and patterns. The colours and geometric patterns have a deep subconscious effect on mind and our Aura. All the Healing Cards are tested along with your Aura using the patented Aura Scanner. We have several healing cards for various issues of life like, Rapid Healing requirement, Seven Chakra balancing, Intimacy, Team work, Growth in business or job, Target achievement. . . Read More

Body Energy Status & Remedies

Param Shakti Healing does unique test to find out negative energies in your body and has remedies for neutralizing the same. From the testing, we determine the Geopathic Stress in your body and to what extent. Geopathic Stress is known to trigger several physical health issues. We also check for other subtle harmful negative energies which could perhaps be the trigger for mental agitation, hallucinations, erratic behaviour, and susceptibility to certain illness to name a few. Param Shakti Healing has unique method to confirm that negative energies in the body has been neutralised after our remedy. . . Read More

Marriage Match

Param Shakti Healing uses an advanced and scientific method for determining the compatibility for marriage match between two persons considering a marriage proposal. We do this vital matching test by using the patented Aura Scanner and concerned persons Aura. Our test is not dependent on astrology or horoscopes. It is everybody’s dream to have a good spouse with whom one can have a happy, satisfying life with sweet memories. Use our unique method of Aura based Marriage Compatibility Test before deciding your life partner. . . Read More

Aura Based Vaastu Selection

Param Shakti Healing does a unique on-site Aura based test to find out whether your proposed Vaastu is compatible with your Aura energy. Out of the various property options, your Aura shows which Vaastu is the most compatible for you. Our unique Vaastu Selection test using your Aura could go a long way for good relations, finance, health and happiness of your family. Buying a property is a thoughtful investment. Check its suitability before buying. . . Read More

Business Partnership Compatibility

Param Shakti Healing does an important test of finding the compatibility between two or more persons for a partnership business or joint venture. This test is based on the Aura of the concerned persons. Param Shakti Healing uses a scientific Aura Scanner to perform this test. The body emits bio-magnetic energy field known as AURA. When the energy of the AURA of concerned persons is found to be matching by use of the Scanner, then the personal chemistry between the proposed partners is compatible. Param Shakti Healing’s Business partnership Compatibility test and remedies have helped several persons. . . Read More

Name Spelling Enhancement

Param Shakti Healing does unique testing to find out which name or spelling of your name could be most positive and beneficial for you or your proposed business. This test is done based on your Aura using a patented Aura Scanner. The energy of your name and your personal energies are deeply interlinked. You may have observed that the fortune of some persons has changed positively after the change in their name or spelling of an existing name. This can be said to be because of the energy of the words has become compatible with the personal energy of that particular person. Param Shakti Healing's method can be of help to you for deciding on your name or the spelling of your name for gains and fame. Likewise most suitable name for your proposed business or logo for company can be decided by our unique method. . . Read More