(Aura) Based Matched Gemstones And More

(Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid) is the genetic code which is present in every cell of the body. The is the genetic code that regulates and controls almost all bodily functions. can be considered like an advanced software program of our body. The is a long sequence of commands (genes and interspacing genetic strands) in the form of an ultra thin thread which is super coiled in the nucleus of each and every cell of the body. Since the contains information regarding biological functioning, possible disorders, susceptibility to ill health and many more things, it can be said that the secret of life is embedded in a person’s DNA.

is unique to each person. No two persons are alike. Therefore, any test done using Aura is specific to that person. The based tests performed by Param Shakti Healing are not medical tests. These are simple indirect but specific tests. Param Shakti Healing uses the of the client in the form of client’s saliva. For performing these tests, Param Shakti Healing uses a patented Aura Scanner. The acts like a receiver, transmitter and energy monitoring centre of the person. These subtle energies so generated are emitted as Aura (also called as bio-energy or electromagnetic energy field). Therefore, a person’s and Aura are very closely inter-related. The scanner understands matter and energy only in terms of AURA and its applications are possible in every field of science as everything in the universe emits light energy.

Saliva is an excellent source of genomic DNA, mostly derived from the buccal epithelial cells and white blood cells. The saliva predominantly contains the host i.e the person’s DNA. from saliva is of high purity. The saliva also contains 150 proteins derived from different parts of the body and it can represent the whole body up to 99%. By keeping the saliva sample in form of cotton swab in the sample box of the scanner, the AURA energy of a person can be found out. A normal healthy individual has an AURA in the range of 2.5 to 2.8 m’ (mannem scale). If the Aura energy measured is less than 2.0m’ it can be said that the person has some problems and may be sick.

A disturbed or incomplete Aura is an indication of physical and/ or emotional problem. The bioenergy of those sick organs or systems of the body changes colour or pattern or size or all of these depending on the severity and complexity of the disease. In case of disturbed emotional states, the aura colour prominently changes. Aura emitted by each person near you affects your state of mind and emotions and vice-versa.

As per Indian Vedic astrology nine planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and shadowy planets Rahu & Ketu) exert their direct influence on a person's life. Life's various aspects get disturbed when there is deficit or imbalance of planetary energies. These imbalances are usually fulfilled or corrected by using gemstones which act like antennas to receive the positive energies of those particular planets or nullify their bad effects. Unlike the typical way of telling gemstones based on Astrology, Param Shakti Healing uses advanced and accurate method for finding the planetary requirement using your client’s Aura. The test therefore, does not require casting a horoscope or even knowing the birth details of the client.

To determine the planetary deficits or requirements, client’s saliva sample and Aura Scanner are used. The test reveals which particular planet or planets are causing trouble in the client’s life at that point of time. Wearing just any gemstone for those planets as revealed by the test is however, not sufficient. For example, if test reveals that your Saturn energy requires correction, then wearing any Blue Sapphire is not sufficient. What Param Shakti Healing does is that out of several gemstones for a particular planet, only that one which matches your Aura is picked. Referring to the above example, out of several Blue Sapphire gemstones, only that particular Blue Sapphire gemstone is selected which matches with your Aura. The testing also involves finding the correct hand, finger and metal for wearing the gemstone in the form of a ring for desired results. Therefore, there is lot of scientific precision involved in finding the gemstone requirement, selecting the gemstone, finding the correct hand, finger and metal.

A personal visit for doing the above test is preferable. However, it is not mandatory for you to come in person for doing the test. We have done this test successfully for persons staying long distance and also sent them the matched gemstones with a report. We have methods where we can do the test without person’s physical presence.

In addition to the Gemstone selection based on your Aura Param Shakti Healing also does the following advanced Aura based tests:

a. Pranic chakras for health.
b. Healing Cards for continuous back up support.
c. Marriage Match.
d. Aura positivity and enhancement.
e. Business Partnership Compatibility.
f. Vaastu selection for checking which new Vaastu resonates well with your AURA.
g. Change in Name or Spelling of Name.
h. Education or Career line selection.

Most of these tests can also be done remotely, without requiring your physical presence in person.