Business Partnership Compatibility

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Param Shakti Healing does an important test of finding the compatibility between two or more persons for a partnership business or joint venture. This test is based on the Aura of the concerned persons. Param Shakti Healing uses a scientific Aura Scanner to perform this test.

It’s a common experience that many of partnership businesses break up after a certain period of time. One of the main reasons for this is the incompatibility between the partners. Till recently there was no method to find out compatibility between proposed business partners. However, Param Shakti Healing can find out the compatibility by using an advanced and scientific Aura Scanner. It would prove to be a boon to know beforehand whether you should enter into partnership or joint venture with someone. This valuable information could save you from serious losses and setbacks. The bad effects on relationships could also be avoided. Looking at it from another angle, the test will help maintain better business relations and thereby give growth in business.

The body emits bio-magnetic energy field known as AURA. When the energy of the AURA of concerned persons is found to be matching by use of the Scanner, then the personal chemistry between the proposed partners is compatible. However, in case there is poor or no match, then it means incompatibility and we suggest remedies that may help to create positive compatibility.

There could be two types of cases in Business partnership compatibility as given below. Param Shakti Healing handles such cases in two ways:

1. In this case, the business could be in the proposal stage. This is the right time to do this test. We check the compatibility of the concerned persons using their respective Aura. Compatibility or non-compatibility is informed after the testing. Remedies if possible, are suggested by us for making the partners compatible for proposed business.

2. In this second case, a partnership business maybe ongoing but now there is problem of personal relationships between the partners. In this we suggest appropriate remedies to rectify the issue for a smoother relationship between the partners by the Aura based test.

Param Shakti Healing’s Business partnership Compatibility test and remedies have helped several persons. You could avail of this valuable service for finding the compatibility.

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