Body Scan

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Param Shakti Healing uses the patented Aura Scanner for this test. This test helps in identifying the area or organ or part of the body which has health issue. In some cases the test can also reveal the type of health issue or disease.

This test has nothing to do with the body scan tests done in medical diagnosis labs. In the Body Scan test done by Param Shakti Healing, the person whose test is to be done has to just comfortably lie down on a bed. The test is based on the DNA (Aura) of the person. The test is done from a distance without any physical contact with the person.

The scanner scans the Aura of the person and indicates hidden health issues, even though the person may not be complaining of related health problem at that time. Therefore, this scan is more useful as a preventive diagnosis. Typically, the Medical Diagnosis tests indicate the health issues or cause of illness, only after the person is already suffering from the disease. However, our Body Scan test is such that the health problem is detected before the person falls ill or sick or before the disease manifests in the body. By knowing which type of disease or disorder is expected in near future, one can take appropriate care to minimize or completely remove the health problem.

Normally this body scan test is recommended when significant disturbance or blockages are detected in the Pranic Chakra test (done by using the Aura Scanner).  Which pranic chakra is disturbed gives an idea of the related body part, different organs, tissues or systems that may be affected. The body scan then helps in pin-pointing the exact area or organ that is unhealthy. By doing the Body Scan test, Param Shakti Healing has given this vital information to several persons, before they felt or noticed any symptoms of the disease.

This simple but important test takes about 10 minutes only.  The Aura Scanner is used at a distance from the place where the person is lying down. The findings of the test are explained to the concerned person.

The Body scan reveals:

1. Health issue which may have started but not shown up or person does not have any symptoms.

2. Possible disease which may exist.

3. The organs or body parts or bio-systems that have already been affected or might be affected in the near future.

4. If disease has already manifested then the test may be useful in finding the location or organ.

5. The test is of help to decide on the remedial line of action required to be taken for healing or overcoming the detected health issue.

The information obtained from the Body Scan test is useful for Param Shakti Healing to decide on the Alternate Healing Therapy.  We offer this unique Body Scan Test which could perhaps save you from impending health problems. We suggest that you go for this Body Scan test at regular intervals.