Body Energy Status and Remedies

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Param Shakti Healing does unique test to find out negative energies in your body and has remedies for neutralizing the same. From the testing, we determine whether you have Geopathic Stress accumulated in your body and to what extent. We also check for other subtle harmful negative energies which could perhaps be the trigger for mental agitation, hallucinations, erratic behaviour, and susceptibility to certain illness to name a few.

The patented Aura Scanner is an instrument that understands matter and energy in terms of AURA. Since all matter is energy and emits different frequency, the Scanner has application in various fields of science, one of them being checking the energies of the body. Matter being energy emits a particular frequency. Our Vedas explained the positive and negative energies thousands of years back. The energy can be Positive (constructive) called as “Sakaratmak”, representing the “Devatas” (Gods) or Negative (Destructive) called as “Nakaratmak”, representing the “rakshasas” (Demons). Any negative energy can be neutralized by similar frequency by using positive energy bearing opposite polarity.

White visible light is positive energy comprising of the seven VIBGYOR colours (wave length of 400-700nm). There are seven Pranic Chakra in the body. The seven colours and seven pranic chakras are related through the wavelength or frequencies. The Universal Spectra comprises of the visible spectral rays (VIBGYOR) and also the unseen radiations like Infra red rays, Ultra violet rays; Micro waves, Gamma rays, Radio waves etc ((>700nm ;< 400nm).These unseen rays are destructive in nature and harmful for us. This was well known to our ancients Rishis. The deep infra-red and ultra-violet radiations correspond to the frequencies of two shadowy planets Rahu and Ketu respectively. These have direct effect on the physical and mental aspects of a person.

After finding the type and intensity of a particular negative energy in the body, Param Shakti Healing uses certain specialized methods which could minimize the effect or remove these negative energies. Param Shakti Healing has unique method to confirm that negative energies in the body has been neutralised after our remedy.

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