Aura is an energy field of your body. Each body is like a “lighted bulb” due to certain energies inherent in the body. A body therefore, actually glows with both positive and full energy or negative and disturbed energy or a mixture of these. This bioenergy field popularly known as AURA in English or “Aabhaa” in Hindi is usually not seen by the naked eye as it is very subtle. This energy field is actually multilayered comprising of various sheaths or energy capsules over our body. This was revealed to us thousands of year back by our ancient Indian Rishis in Sanskrit as “sukhsma kanti valay” transliterated as “subtle sheaths (skins) of energy fields”.

The Aura is directly proportional to the positivity and spirituality of the person. It speaks volumes about the type of the person he or she may be and also what kind of success or health or happiness a person is receiving. In other words, if the Aura is disturbed or incomplete then the person usually does not have desired success or happiness in his or her life. He or she do not achieve desired health, education, career, relationship, success in life etc. due to lacking /deficit of some energy in himself / herself. This deficit of energies affecting the Aura maybe from birth itself. This deficit or distortion in bioenergy field shrinks your Aura and creates hindrances to reach his / her desired destination of life. Positive results can be brought in if these energy deficits are found out at the early stage.

At Param Shakti Healing, we diagnose your energy deficits by a scientific instrument called as the Universal Thermo Scanner. The scanner is patented.

Your DNA is used for this. DNA is the master program coded in each and every cell of your body. It is a long chain of sequences which are commands for your biological functioning and is a ultra fine thread like structure which is super coiled in the nucleus. It should be noted that each person has a UNIQUE DNA. There is NO duplicate of your DNA. This makes the DNA test using the Scanner very specific for you.

After testing, the remedies offered, make you Aura complete, positive and enlarged multi fold immediately. This empowers you for what you truly deserve - success and happiness. This completed and enlarged positive aura will propel you towards fulfilling you desires and give you what you deserve…the best!