Aura Enhancement

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Param Shakti Healing can boost your career, relations and health by enhancing your Aura. We first find the strength of your AURA and then give remedies to make your AURA positive and strong. Aura is the bio-magnetic energy field that a person emits. It is called as “Aabhaa” in Sanskrit and Hindi. The Aura is made up subtle energy sheaths of different colours that surround one’s body. This electromagnetic field of the body, called as Aura which plays important role in one’s life. Param Shakti Healing does this test by using scientific instrument Aura Scanner.

Saliva is an excellent source of genomic DNA, mostly derived from the buccal epithelial cells and white blood cells. The saliva predominantly contains the host DNA i.e. the person’s DNA. DNA from saliva is of high purity. The saliva also contains 150 proteins derived from different parts of the body and it can represent the whole body up to 99%. By keeping the saliva sample in form of cotton swab in the sample box of the scanner, the AURA energy of a person can be found out. A normal healthy individual has an AURA in the range of 2.5 to 2.8 m’ (mannem scale). If the Aura energy measured is less than 2.0m’ it can be said that the person has some problems and may be sick.

A disturbed or incomplete Aura is an indication of physical and/ or emotional problem. The bioenergy of those sick organs or systems of the body changes colour or pattern or size or all of these depending on the severity and complexity of the disease. In case of disturbed emotional states, the aura colour prominently changes. Aura emitted by each person near you affects your state of mind and emotions and vice-versa.

Your relationships, success, progress and health are interlinked with your Aura. There are several layers of the energy field in the Aura and many times some or other part of the Aura is disturbed or depleted or over energized. Aura also indicates the state of overall wellness, mental stress, emotional suffocation, depression, excited state, anger and so on.

The size of Aura is also very important. A weak aura spreads hardly two-three feet from the body. A positive and strong Aura is necessary for an overall happy, successful and healthy life.

Param Shakti Healing has the method and remedies for enhancing of your Aura. We use a patented Aura Scanner to:

a. Check whether your initial Aura is in a disturbed or shrunk state.
b. Check the size of your initial Aura.
c. Check if the disturbed energies are neutralized after the remedies.
d. Check the increased size of your Aura after remedies.

We have observed that after Param Shakti Healing remedies, one’s Aura increases four to five fold.  For e.g. an initial Aura of around 5 feet increases to around 20-25 feet after our remedies. Once you are strongly positive, it leaves lasting good impression on others. It improves your relation and leads towards success.

One needs to come personally for doing this Aura test.
Please note that the above mentioned Aura Enhancement test does not give any photo or picture of your Aura.

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