Introduction to Astrology

Param Shakti Healing uses a mathematical and universal approach of Nadi Coordinate Astrology as the basis for horoscope analysis and predictions. In addition to Signs, Houses and Planets, Nakshatra; the Sub Lord, Cusp of Houses and combination of houses are used for most precise predictions. Vimshottari Dasha and Transits are used for timing the events. . . Read More

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Career Astrology

Param Shakti Healing astrology services for Career shall be a great help to you for finding reasonable solution and direction for your career related problems. A good career helps you to grow and gives a sense of direction that ultimately results in job satisfaction and a healthy & happy life. Param Shakti Healing astrology can help you to overcome various hindrances in career like low monetary benefits, job security, competition for promotion, switching over to business or vice versa, uncertainty, change of place of work - relocation and relationship with boss and colleagues. We also offer our astrological guidance for change in nature of work, timing of when best to try for getting a better job. If you are at a stage of starting your career then we can guide you to select the most appropriate area of work as seen in your horoscope. . . Read More

Education Astrology

Param Shakti Healing astrology services for education shall help you to understand student’s basic inclination for studies as well as shortcomings or limitations. Param Shakti Healing astrological guidance and solutions have helped students of all ages to gain self confidence and perform better in their exams. The solutions suggested by us have helped 10th Std, 12th Std. students as well as graduates and professionals. We also offer our services for selection of future education stream and help in identifying key areas of specialization as indicated in one’s horoscope. A well thought out decision at the start of the higher education could pave the way for a high paying job after the education is successfully completed. We answer questions regarding overseas education and post graduation specialization. We provide remedies for correcting planetary energies responsible for hindrances in education or boosting performance in studies. Param Shakti Healing also offer a comprehensive multi-level education package aimed at helping you achieve desired goals. . . Read More

Finance Astrology

Astrology services and solutions for Finance by Param Shakti Healing have helped several clients and families to come out from different financial crisis and situations. We also give advice based on your horoscope on various factors like entering partnership business or change of job or start new business venture. A stable and good financial position is desired by all and everyone is seen struggling for achieving it. However, one experiences many ups and downs in the money matters. In reality we find many problems related to finance, either at home or in business. Param Shakti Healing gives astrological guidance and suggests solutions on your future prospects of finances, investments, correct timing and also alerts for bad patches. . . Read More

Health Astrology

Param Shakti Healing astrology covers health aspects which may prove to be very useful for alerting on possible upcoming health problems. Our Health Astrology covers general health issues that you are facing and possible remedies. In Medical Astrology we do an in-depth study of your horoscope for checking possibility and type of serious disease that you may face in the future. It’s possible to check from your horoscope the right time for undergoing major surgery as well as for faster recovery. When one’s planetary energies get disturbed or become unfavourable, health issues can manifest. The Health Astrology indicates duration of bad or malefic planetary configuration and their influence for a particular disease. We alert you on future bad health patches, possible hospitalization or surgery and recovery as well as chances of recurrence. Param Shakti Healing remedies could bring about reduction in the intensity of an existing disease as well as upcoming health issues which are indicated in your horoscope. . . Read More

Marriage Astrology

Param Shakti Healing has expertise in focussing on a crucial topic of Marriage. Everyone seeks a life partner or spouse who is mutually complimentary for a stable and happy married life. Our astrology services for marriage cover horoscope matching before marriage. This is done by comparing both horoscopes in-depth. We have appropriate solutions and remedies for delayed marriage, broken relation, divorce, remarriage after divorce and childless couples. We also look into Manglik dosha, which many a times is not a fear factor. Today, the trend is that young adults prefer to choose their life partner themselves. Frequent divorces and strained relationships are commonly observed. Astrology when used as science could prove to be a great help for a long term and balanced married life. Param Shakti Healing gives astrological remedies which could help in solving problems in marriage, re-establish broken relationships and help in getting re-married after a divorce. . . Read More

Property Astrology

Param Shakti Healing astrology services could prove beneficial to you for buying or selling a property. Based on your horoscope, your chances and timing of buying property can be determined. Buying a property is always an exciting proposition. But have you checked whether it’s the right decision at the right time? The planetary positions and Dasha play a significant role in an important event like buying or selling a property. Many a times an opportune period for buying or selling property is lost. That particular auspicious period or muhurat or yog may not come in the near future. So it is important to consult us for finding the right period for buying or selling property. We offer remedies and solutions to expedite and enhance the chances for buying or selling property. . . Read More

Email and Online Astrology Services

No need to wait for a personal meeting. Use mobile and internet technology for quick solutions. . . Read More