Astrology or Jyotish is a vast and complex subject. Before the advent of computer technology, it was a difficult task to cast different horoscope charts and calculate the dashas manually. It required in-depth knowledge, a sharp mind and lot of experience to work out the different charts without mistake. After casting various charts, the horoscope reading was done, followed by predictions and finally solutions were suggested.

However, today the first part of Astrology, namely preparing various charts, calculations of dashas has become accurate and simple with advanced computer softwares. So what remains is studying the horoscope, the predictions and then giving advice. This is known as “falit Jyotish”, meaning what one may expect in life from the horoscope, literally meaning “fruit of your past karma” as shown by the placement of planets and nakshatras in your horoscope. Sri Paramhansa Yogananda has properly explained this point.

Vedic or Indian Astrology has originated from Rishi Parashara who wrote several texts most popular being Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra - very detailed work on natal astrology. There are other ancient texts too. Over a period of time, enormous volumes on astrology have come up from Indian as well as western astrologers. Today, one can find plethora of books, journals, articles and websites on Astrology. Many astrologers have done research and come up with their own formulas or methods for predictions. Therefore, there are several schools of thought leading to different interpretations and predictions. Each one of them has its own merits and demerits. From time immemorial there have been extensive debates and arguments between stalwarts  in astrology, each one trying to prove that his method or philosophy is more accurate.

Param Shakti Healing uses two independent unique methods for Horoscope reading. The first method uses nadi coordinates (figures) as cast through the horoscope. The permutation and combination of these coordinates along with basic charts like Lagna and Nirayana Chart gives clear picture of the current and future situations in one’s life. The other method involves analysis and impact of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and four other heavenly bodies in one’s life. This method is ground-breaking one with precise analysis of one’s chart. Using these dual but unique methods Param Shakti Healing is able to give clear predictions and reading of horoscopes.

In the traditional or conventional method of reading the horoscopes, a slight variation in the birth time may not really have significant impact on the predictions. However, in the nadi coordinates method that we use, the exact timing of birth plays a crucial role. The method is such that the nadi coordinates can change within a span of just one minute. This variation in nadi coordinates could mean a significant difference in the predictions. Therein is the accuracy of our method of predictions. Therefore, before reading the horoscope, the birth time has to be as accurate as possible or it may require time rectification. An example is of twins born with a difference of few minutes in their birth time. It has been observed that both have different future. This difference is not explainable by conventional astrology but is clearly seen and understood by our method of nadi coordinates. There is no ambiguity in reading the horoscope by our methods.

The nadi coordinate system of reading horoscopes is capable of giving the most accurate predictive results. It is called scientific because the rules of astrology which apply on one native are applicable on others too, just as science which is similar for all.

Param Shakti Healing offers astrology services to give proper predictions and relevant guidance for your better future. The services shall help you in taking advantage of beneficial periods, taking necessary care during negative periods and overcoming bad periods in personal matters, finance, health, marriage, career, business and family related issues. The remedies that Param Shakti Healing offers are based on your AURA mapping using a patented Universal Aura Scanner (UAS).  The UAS finds which planetary deficits are causing issues in your life.  The UAS then matches the gemstones and crystals to your AURA. The hand, finger and metal in which you need to wear the gemstones and crystals are also done by matching your AURA using the UAS.

Thus, Param Shakti Healing offers a comprehensive package of accurate astrological services for horoscope predictions and precise Aura mapping to give you most appropriate remedies.