About Dr. Ajay Ashtekar

Dr. Ajay Ashtekar PhD (Alternate Medicines) is an Expert Healing Specialist, Vaastu Healing, Personal Energies, Predictions Based on Your Horoscope, Vibrational Healing, Vaastu, Astrology, Nadi Coordinate Astrologer, Pulse Diagnosis Testing, Aura Imaging, Pranic Chakra Balancing, Pune, Gujarat, India

Dr. Ajay Ashtekar - Ph.D

Dr. Ajay Ashtekar PhD (Alternate Medicines) is an expert in Vaastu Healing, Aura Scanning, Predictive Astrology and Aroma (Essential) Oil Therapy. He has extensive experience for more than a decade with several success stories for each activity, be it Vaastu, Astrology or Personal Energies.

Dr. Ajay has been a researcher in the pharmaceutical industry for more than three decades, before he started Param Shakti Healing. He has worked as the Head of the Department, for Biotechnology R&D in a well renowned pharmaceutical company for several years. Dr. Ajay has had business interaction with overseas companies and has visited several countries. He has a total experience of 35 years. He is M.Sc, IRPM and Ph.D. He is also a Geo-professional and a proficient Astrologer.

Dr. Ajay has developed practical solutions for personal problems as well as Vaastu dosha based on scientific methods using Universal Aura Scanner (UAS) and unique astrological methods. Every case being different, particular attention is given to each case. An appropriate remedial strategy is suggested by Dr. Ajay to resolve or minimize the problems faced.  

Dr. Ajay has had a keen interest in spirituality from his college days and has been following meditation practices for over three decades. His inherent interest in spirituality and urge to alleviate the multi-fold problems of people propelled him to start Param Shakti Healing based on scientific methodology. Dr. Ajay’s healing methods take into account the various external as well as internal vibrations which may be affecting an individual negatively. Towards this end, he learnt the technique of using the Universal Aura Scanner (UAS) from Retd. Nuclear Scientist and Inventor (President Awardee) Dr. Murthy. The UAS is an unique instrument which is patented. The UAS measures various types of radiations and energies from different animate as well as inanimate objects based on the aura or the electromagnetic field emitted by them.  Dr. Ajay has been doing his own research on the applications of the UAS and has added newer solutions for giving better results.

Dr. Ajay has also mastered Predictive Astrology, using two independent and unique methods which are far different from the conventional school of thought.  In addition to the typical nine planets, the profound effect of the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are also studied and unique remedies offered. Furthermore, effect of four more heavenly bodies is also studied. Researched solutions to neutralize the negative effects of these celestial bodies are also offered. Using these methods Param Shakti Healing is in a better position to give proper and in-depth predictions along with specific remedies or solutions.

Dr. Ajay’s thirst for knowledge and excellence lead him to complete his PhD in Alternate Medicines.  Keeping in line with this, Dr. Ajay provides Aroma Therapy or Essential Oil (EO) therapy to people with various kinds of health issues and problems. These oils are for external use only.  Personalized EO formulations (blends) are made depending on the health issue. Pranic Chakra energy mapping using the UAS is also done before deciding on the formulation. EO blends are also given for abundance, prosperity, positivity, intimacy, bonding in relationships etc.

With scientific background, proper qualifications, extensive experience and with scientific methods like the UAS as well as specialized methods of Astrology, Dr. Ajay Ashtekar is better equipped than many others for healing of the Body, Mind and Vaastu.